Our company

IRIS Sweden is the small and agile company always having the customer’s interest in mind. All our products are developed with ease of use in mind, making it the perfect match for every shipping company all over the globe. We work togheter with companies from all continents, in all sizes and areas. Vast tanker company from Europe or small-scaled offshore company from South America, we guarantee IRIS will fit your needs.


IRIS Sweden AB  was formed in 2015 by the three companies ICC, (IPSO Classification and Control AB), Kamahura AB and Youknowwhat AB in order to better manage, market, develop and support the IRIS system. The system and all contracts was transfered to IRIS System AB inclusive the contract with Swedish Shipowners Association concerning operation and support of the international reporting system ForeSea that collects information about critical incidents at sea, i.e. accidents, near misses and non-conformities.