What is IRIS?

IRIS is a software designed to help your organisation with HSE, Quality management and Risk manangement according to ISO 31000:2009. IRIS is built for ease of use to all users, from top management down to crew onboard the vessels. IRIS is cloud based software as a service, keeping costs to a minimum.

General Information
We believe in continually seeking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes of the organization, rather than wait for a problem to reveal opportunities for improvements. IRIS takes care of all kinds of system input & output. Supports management of change and continious improvements.
About Modules and Functions
Our motto is simplicity for the vessel and for the shore personell where the training is kept to a minimum thanks to self-explaining features throughout the system. IRIS offers flexible modules that adapt to your specific need and allow for client-individual implementation.
IRIS is a cost effective cloud service accessible 24/7 from every laptop, computer or mobile device in the world. Thanks to sophisticated offline support you can handle reports on the vessels, follow up actions, read manuals and governing documents anytime.