Safe from A to B at sea

Our motto is simplicity for the people on the vessel and for those ashore. We help you make reporting and information handling easy and hassle-free.

Let’s meet at Maritime Day Åland 2021

How do you adapt the system to your specific needs instead of you adapting to the system?

Swing by and learn more about IRIS, your one and only solution if you like easy-to-use systems for quality and safety management.

When? November 11, 09.00-16.00
Maritime Day at Alandica Hotel, Mariehamn, Åland


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We adapt the system to you.
Instead of the other way around.

From IRIS you can always expect client-individual applications. You pick the the functions you really need and attach them to our or your existing system.

Lessons Learned

Shares knowledge and provides inputs to problem solving

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Management of Change

Take care of all elements in a change process, to ensure that a change will be a success.

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Thanks to the step-by-step wizard, writing reports have never been easier.

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Risk Assessment

Identify potential hazards before they happen.

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Search & Analysis

All reports are stored in IRIS' database and analysis of the content can easily be performed by using its search function

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Governing Documents

IRIS supports all handling of the Governing Documents in a way that they are up to date and accessible.

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Inspections & Audits

All kinds of audit reports accessible in one place.

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KPI Statistics

Present KPI-data for benchmark of KPI’s and safety performance across the fleet.

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Gain a comprehensive view of all the vessels certificates

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Keep workflow and discussions stream¬lined.

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Experience Transfer

Compare your own experience with similar events in the shipping industry.

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Forms & Checklists

Plan and follow up your checklists, inspections and meetings with pre-built forms.

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Structured and prioritized action lists ready to send out of the box.

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Simplify the permission process with simple wizards and a logical work flow.

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